Pure certified organic cotton.
All parents know: If the clothes is itching, then the kids don’t want to wear it – and who can blame them? GRO has taken the consequence and are only using the best and most soft natural materials.

It wasn’t a coincidence that our first priority was to have our basic collection (Dannebrog collection) made of organic cotton. The collection consist of boys- and girls underwear, full body-suits, t-shirts, leggings and hats – all products, that are close to the body, and therefore we thought, that is was the best place to start working with organic cotton. Today we have comed far and are now also using organic cotton in several of our other collections.

You can recognize our organic products at your retailer by the special organic cotton- tag in the clothes.

For all our organic products we use cotton that is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means, that the cotton is grown on fields, under organic principles. The cotton, we work with, is made by 100 % organic fibres.

The dying of the cotton is done with waterbased colour and the whole dyingprocess is free of AZO colour, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Besides that, there is no use of optical bleaching or chlorine. The dying is also GOTS certified.

The new logo of the Global Organic Textile Standard wins propagation at the moment. GOTS is the closest you can come to a world standard for organic clothing. (October 2008)

The label can be found on clothing and textiles where the fibers are organic or grown in fields, that are under conversion to organic farming. Under the tag it shall be written, what type of cotton the clothes is produced of. Actually, at least 95 percent of the fibers in the clothing shall be organic to get the certification, but if there is less, it shall be specified. Textiles with as few as 70 percent content of organic fibers can be labeled, if the tag indicates that the fabric contains only 70 percent organic fiber. However, one type of fiber can not be both organic and non organic. Organic cotton may therefore not be mixed with conventional cotton.