Sprout by Gro is a small collection made exclusively for the between girls.

We searched for a name for the line, and when SPROUT appeared we knew from the start, that this was literally the idea - to plant new seed.

Anette Nordrup said: There is still a little girl inside of me, and I desired to make a line for all the wonderful girls in the world.  It was important for me that there were no expectation and no rules - just creativity.

The idea with Sprout was to make a girly collection, where the naive graphic line follows each collection and forms amazing clothes for the betweens.


Anette Nordrup is the designer and developer behind the SPROUT collection. She started up with the children wear company Gro Company. Now she stands behind the new collection called SPROUT.


For Anette Nordrup the SPROUT collection has 3 goals

- to stimulate and open the eyes of the girls to a different world of creativity and to broaden the way of thinking  - to celebrate the girls who stand out from the crowd and who appreciate wearing design of a deeper meaning.

- to make a collection which is designed for the between girls –  which is not adults style and which is not children style, but a style made for the betweens. We don’t want to make tops which are too short, because the girls are still children, but what we would like to design is, new shapes with a simply sophisticated edge.

 - to gather the minimalistic, naive and understated design and make a collection where there are no expectation and no rules - just creativity.